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McVitie’s Dunk Off Rules

aka ‘The Dunktionary’

The goal of the competition is to beat your opponent by keeping a biscuit dunked in a hot drink for as long as possible.

Every one second you hold your biscuit dunked is another one point.

However, the biscuit must stay intact upon removing it, otherwise you get zero points for that round.

The points will accumulate over three rounds, and the player with the highest points wins.

The Gameplay

Contestants (Dunkers) go head-to-head across three rounds of biscuit dunking.

Each round is called a ‘dunk off’.

The Drink

Dunkers must select a hot drink of their choice for dunking.

The drink must remain the same across each of the three rounds.

Drinks should be maintained at a temperature of 60-65˚C.

The Biscuits

Dunkers must select their favourite McVitie’s biscuits to dunk.

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Players should raise their biscuit upright in a two-finger hold (thumb and forefinger) – with the elbow of the holding hand on the table.

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The other hand must remain behind your back.

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At the same time, both contestants should submerge their biscuit to approx. 50% below surface level.

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The goal is to beat your opponent by keeping the biscuit submerged for as long as possible.

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Every one second you hold your biscuit in the hot drink is another point.

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You should each count how many seconds before withdrawing your biscuit, either out loud or using your phone timer, and that is your number of points.

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The points only stand if your biscuit remains intact once removed from the drink.

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The process will be repeated across three rounds.

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The winner is the person with the most points at the end of the three rounds.

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In the case of an even tie, the winner will be decided by a sudden death round.

We’d love to see how you dunk off during your #BiscuitBreak, whether you challenge your friends, family or even co-workers – share your pics with us on social media using #McVitiesDunkOff.